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I'm currently playing guitar and mandolin in Dr.O's Medicine Show, and I frequent a celtic jam at Allan Wickers Pub in Plano, TX on the 2nd and 4th sundays.


$20 for a 30 minute lesson.
$30 for an hour lesson.
I can teach beginning lessons for Guitar, Mandolin, electric Bass and Upright Bass.
I can teach intermediate/advanced lessons for Guitar, electric Bass and Upright Bass.
I can teach at your home or mine.

Lessons come in 30 minute or 1 hour intervals, once a week or once every two weeks - what ever works best. I do discount the first two lessons, to make sure that the student and I are compatible because if you can't stand your teacher then you aren't going to learn much.

Ask Liz

Send me your questions about bass, guitar, music or anything and I'll answer. My paraphrased answers will be posted here in time.

About Liz

My goal as a musician is to share my passion for music with everybody. I love playing music, and bringing a smile to those who listen. I want to help others learn and love music. My key philosophy in teaching is that there are a core set of skills and knowledge of music theory that everybody needs to know because they are essential on every instrument and in every genre. One of the things that fuels my passion for music is not just the joy of creating a wonderful sound, but playing with other musicians and hanging out with people that share her love music.

I started playing piano as a kid, but was never that fond of keys so I switched to guitar after my best friend’s dad started playing. After playing guitar for several years I was referred by a friend to Camp Bluegrass. It was a great opportunity to jam and play with some awesome musicians like Alan Munde and Joe Carr. My second year at Camp Bluegrass led me to pick up upright bass. I couldn't resist the temptation of playing an instrument that was bigger than I was. I thought it was a hoot, and the other people got a kick out of the fact that I was performing on bass with less than a week of playing time on that instrument.

After finishing high school I got an Associates degree from South Plains College - one of the few schools in the U.S.A. that has a commercial music program. While I was there I got to play in the Celtic ensemble, several jazz combos, and Pickin' on the Plains, the SPC Bluegrass band that put out a televised concert every two weeks during the semester. In late 2004 I was asked by the Editor of Melbay’s Bass Sessions webzine to write for that publication. Somehow while I was there I was voted the Best Female Bluegrass Instrumentalist of the 2004/2005 school year.

After that I got a Bachelors of Music from the University of Texas at Arlington so I could teach at a community college in the future, and was lucky enough to meet my husband while I was there. I now have a wonderful day job working at a music store.

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Bachelors, Music, UT Arlington

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