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I work in mostly stainless steel and aluminum. I do sell my work and I also do custom pieces. I hope to get an Etsy shop again soon.
Photo A Byzantine bracelet and necklace, with an inlay of autumn colors. Matching earings available. Photo A chainmaille weave called Helm Chain, with little fobs based on it. Used as clasps for a cloak. Photo A Half-Persian 4-in-1 bracelet. This was my first project. Photo Poor King's Maille, done as a choker. It's a nice variation on the more standard European 4-in-1 design.
Photo A practice strip of Full Persian 6-in-1, made into a key fob. Baked to darken the steel. Photo The Byzantine weave, combined with lobster clasps to make earings that work without taking out my other earrings. Photo A Byzantine weave variation. Photo a gorgeous Four Winds bracelet. The picture doesn't do the way the colors fade into each other justice. My favorite example of what can be done with anodized aluminum so far.
Photo My most dificult piece to date. Took about 3 months and 7,000 rings to complete. Fits a DD36, but the design can be adjusted for others. TBA TBA TBA
for more of my art, and non-chainmaille stuff check out my Deviant Art gallery

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